As your business grows, you will need to rely more and more on technology to manage your information. Of utmost importance is the need for seamlessly integrated network security, both internally and externally.

Not only do you need to protect your data from intruders, hackers and malicious mischief, but you also need to be concerned about internal network security issues. In fact, most IT security breaches come from inside the organization, not from an internet attack.

Using a combination of firewall, intrusion detection, patch management and threat and vulnerability mitigation, Jepson Technologies can ensure that your data stays secure. Our approach to network security will give you a complete blanket of protection while providing the needed access to your data to accomplish your business goals.

We specialize in multi-site, remote access and “access anywhere” solutions, while providing the maximum network security throughout. Get the flexibility you need to work anywhere without compromising security. Call 818-990-0601 today for a free consultation.

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