This is accomplished by a number of variables, with the biggest parts being search engine optimization or SEO and marketing.

When the big search engines, Google, Yahoo, MSN etc. crawl the internet to catalog web pages, they use formulas to extract relevant information about your website. If your pages are not serving up the relevant data, you can be missing opportunities to reach your customers. Or worse, your pages can be skipped over altogether!

The first step is to optimize your pages by making them search engine friendly. This will allow the engines to correctly categorize your pages and serve them up to the people you intend to reach.

The second step is maximizing your advertising dollars to drive more traffic to your site. The more times your pages are viewed, the higher your ranking on the search engines. Every customer acquired through advertising dollars also assists in getting those new customers from internet searches.

Over time, the optimized pages can generate as many sales as your ad driven counterparts.

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